The Resurrection Of Hope

The Resurrection Of Hope

What a joyous day to be alive.

To be able to say I have been blessed with a precious gift of a new day, in a season where there are so much chaos and confusion around the world.

Today is a special day. Many believe in Easter, many don't.

Nevertheless, today, Easter is the day that changed everything. Today is the day hope resurrected.

I didn't want to post any bunny pictures, because that doesn't represent Easter to me, personally speaking.

I wanted to share a moment, that is relatable to many right now in this season.

As we all face the uncertainties this current moment brings, may we choose to hang onto the comfort that hope brings, and that goodness, love, joy, compassion will resurrect out of our individual pains, anguish and adversities.

As we long for the physical touch of our loved ones in this momentous day, may we know as we are doing what is right, what is just,  by staying safely indoors, we are all collectively strengthening, enriching ourselves ready for the unveiling of the greatness that's going to come out of this dawn season.

There is light at the end of all the sufferings.

There is beauty in sad and painful experiences.

There is joy to be had, knowing that we are all collectively growing together, creating new lives and experiences in solace.

So, as we celebrate the newness this great day brings, whether alone, or with loved ones, may we remember that life never ends and love never dies. So let's continue to be courageous, brave and never lose sight of the hope that comes with the renewal of a new life.

Happy Easter Beautiful Souls.

Loving each and every one of you from afar. ❤️❤️

I'm so smitten with this incredible photo of a beautiful girl from San tribe, Namibia, embracing her grandmother by Martin Harvey on Getty images. 


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