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I often refer to myself as a "creative junkie." I bet you are wondering why I call myself this? Okay! Let me tell you a teeny weeny story about myself.

Shhh!! Promise not to tell anyone. Lol!

I'm a lover of creativity, and I respect and value what I refer to, as my form of expressive individualism. I'm an introvert that lives in an extrovert outer body. 

While a lot of my works are freely expressive and bold, I delight in telling my story through my creations. Quarantined in my creative bubble, free from the heaviness of the world, I often find myself in this creative space, where I and my ideas exist.

In that secluded space, I'm free to explore many ideas mentally and visually. Hence till today I don't draw or sketch my ideas. I feel when an idea chooses to visit me, its a brief, life-altering experience, that needs to be cherished and welcomed with love. I would say I've had several regular visits. For me, it feels like I'd been sent on a mission each time, to use my creativity to empower,  express and show love.



In the process of creating, I permit myself to fearlessly execute all ideas, using different mediums available to me, to tell my story.

In my collection of jewellery and footwear making special, emotional reverence to facial features, I have used a combination of intricate patterns and dramatic unique detailing to make these pieces special. 

In this piece featured, known as "CARINA" I have used synthetic false lashes, together with specially sourced beads to create full eyes with fluttering eyelashes. Which I created with the intention to garner attention, and start up conversations.

 It is said; "If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should give people a reason, not to forget you." For me as a creative, its vital for me to stand out amongst the crowd. After all, we are all created; differently, we should all confidently use our unique, authentic, expressive voices to generate curiosity, stimulate and create a desire for people to know more about the brand we represent and us.

Personally speaking, I'm never more alive than when the wearable arts I express or create is me. I have this stubborn persistence to be entirely authentic to my mastery, while flowing in the presence of my transformation and allowing myself to stay aligned and committed to my work, embracing all changes and challenges which I may encounter.

I'm incredibly thankful for all the many ideas that have chosen me as a vessel to bring them into fruition. I promise always to do my very best to make those ideas proud. 



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