Redefining Craftsmanship

Creativity is where ideas and passion meet love. And when love meets celebration of culture through storytelling, we have Anita Quansah London. A jewellery and accessory brand based in the UK committed to care and service while reshaping luxurious beaded jewellery, accessory and footwear designs one story at a time.

The brand intertwines my African culture with arts and crafts, time-honoured skills, and traditional handmade techniques to create enduring, beautiful pieces of wearable art for women who love to harmonise their beautiful personalities with captivating charms with longevity.

Because I handmake every piece in my collection, I can assure you that much love has gone into making each piece. I keep the designs limited so that I can best preserve that immeasurable experience so that you will feel the human touch and the connection that is deeply personal and intimate.

Anita Quansah London does not mass-produce, neither does the brand contribute to producing waste: each piece of one of a kind accessories is made with eco-friendly practices in mind.

So if you see an antiqued item in your treasure piece or a repurposed textiles, best know that it has so much story to tell, and that story with yours makes it more powerful.

Why adorn your beautiful body with what everyone has when you can own your very own piece of magic that brings a spark of adventure to your impeccable style.