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Happy Love Yourself Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! I know today is lovers day. Why we have to allocate a special day to tell and show love to our precious one(s) is funny to me. Please remember you hold the key to your happiness. Tell yourself "I love you” every day. Don't wait for someone to give you that special, rose. Gift yourself that beautiful rose. Take yourself out on a date. Look good and feel good. Every day should be Valentine’s Day. Don’t expect someone you care about to say ”I love you” today. If they don’t say it, don’t be frustrated. Say it...

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Cultivating Habits

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I want to tell you a brief story about a perennial evergreen plant known as the "Chinese Bamboo." It goes like this. The Chinese bamboo is a tough plant that grows underground unnoticed. While this plant is growing underground, years will pass by, no visible sign of sprouting, even after daily watering, protection, care and feeding. Imagine; "How the farmer of the bamboo plant will be feeling at this moment? The farmer probably feels discouraged and defeated. Thinking, OMG! why is this plant not growing after all the years of dedication, time, care and attention?" Anyways imagine, as years went by,...

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Crafting that WOW! Statement Piece

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Crafting That Wow Statement Piece

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Gifts As An Act Of Worship

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When we use the gifts that God and the universe have blessed us with, it’s a remarkable act of worship.People think God smiles when we are praying, singing or going to church or place of devotion. Nope! Do you know that God and the universe smile when we use our gift(s)?When we don’t pursue our dreams or visions by using our gifts, we are fulfilling the devils greatest desire for us. Think about that for a minute!The devil will distract what it cannot destroy, and that distraction will gradually lead to the destruction of our destinies.So, please don’t sit there and question; "How...

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