Oh! not again. Why do I Suck at failing?

 Oh! not again. Why do I Suck at failing?

I want to share something with you; this applies to every single thing I hand-create.

Often, when I post many things online, there's a lot that happens behind the scene. I try as much as possible to share my works in progress in a snippet of a video.

But this recorded sequence doesn't capture the experiments and the endless failed attempts that led to the final result.

I'm sure many creatives can attest to this. That there's a lot of chaotic mishaps behind the scene. Predicaments that produces magic.

I want to talk about failure. Personally, this word right here is given a bad wrap.

I believe no one is a failure. If we are all failures, then we would not know better. Then there wouldn't be great inventions that we are all enjoying today. We fail and learn.

@thechrisdo, the Ceo and founder of @thefuturishere, said, "Failure is the tuition you pay for success.” I couldn't agree more.

You see, if we try something new and take chances with ideas, we are bound to make mistakes because ideas communicate differently.

Often people give up on one try and deem themselves failures after just one go. It takes more than one shot to achieve what could be seen as successful in your eyes.

It took Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, 10,000 failure to achieve success. It's interesting when he was asked about failure; he said, "I haven't failed once-I have just found 10,000 that won't work.”

I also love this other quote by him; "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The surest way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Failure will teach anyone in this life to repeatedly innovate. I see failure as positive feedback. It is an opportunity in disguise.

When I design, I use different materials, which I hand stitch and piece together from the smallest of beads to the most elaborate stones.

Each time I sew down each component, after long hours and days of committing to that project, if I look at it from a new perspective the next day or hours later, if my soul is not happy, I unpick everything and start all over again. At this point, it can be frustrating to someone else, but one thing my craft has taught me is patience.

Try and retry. Never give up. It takes something to fail for you to discover what works. It's never a failure if that experience has taught you and strengthened you. It takes several takes and eliminations to find a desirable result that will lead to something that can change the world.

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  • Navern on

    This is @castle9couturedesigns, I went to look for your newsletter and started to read this. I can’t believe how much this describes me and is such encouragement and motivation for me. One of my prayer is this lord if you have called me to start this business please gives me the know hows and tell me be true to self and please send me the people who would inspire me and encourage me to be my best and grow in wisdom, maturity and loving you more. And I have to say, he not only send you but handpicked you because he needed to assured me that my uniqueness and creativity is one that demands perfection and patience. And I total understand your failue/ blessings. My failures also turned into something beautiful. I’m so grateful you wrote this piece, you would never know how this has motivated and assured me of my craft and process. Much love ♥️.

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