Staying Strong And Motivated


Staying Strong And Motivated

We may not control the uncertainties that have befallen upon us and the world that we live in, but it's very important that we take a moment to appreciate this very life that we have all taken for granted.

I know it's stormy.

It's dark and confusing.

I know It's a weary time and it's a trying period for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, the entirety of the world.

May we not lose hope.

May we be of good courage and remain steadfast

May we not permit fear to control our existence and make us deviate from those very things that bring joy to our lives.

May we continue to honour that which we do, and do it respectfully, lovingly, passionately and consistently.

May we be fully emotionally and mentally present for ourselves, our loved ones, our community at large, even when we can't physically do so.

This season shall pass soon, it might be stormy now, but the sunshine cometh in due time.  Stay safe and remain positive.

Virtual hugs and kisses.❤️❤️

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