The Journey Within


If a story is in you, it has to come out. Great citation by William Faulkner.

The Journey Within

You have stories worth telling. Never be ashamed of your story. It will surely inspire others.

I was going through the archives of my work and my look books, this lookbook dated back to 2011 struck me and made me pause a while to pull myself together; there were so many pieces in this campaign lookbook, but I will share a few of these with you.

The Journey Within

The Journey Within

I remember the story that inspired this collection so well. At the time, I was transitioning from a sensitive time of my life. The fire was burning inside, but insecurities numbed the excitement. But I chose to hang on to the words of the wise one who raised me.

"Ani, use your voice, my grandmother will say to me as I was in the UK and she was in the US as we chatted endlessly over the phone. (Times of international recharged phone cards)

I remember saying to her, "Mama, she will say Eh Nne, mama, I will call out again, just in case my aged grandmother didn't hear. (she heard me so clearly, but pretended she didn't) I never stopped ooo, I said to her.

Keep going, she says, But mama, how can we continue telling stories when someone keeps erasing them?

Keep telling more stories and never stop because it flows from your heart; she will exclaim out loudly on the phone.

I say this because sometimes we go through so many things, and people disappoint us so much that we feel like closing the book and throwing away the pen.

Be mindful; someone can pick up your pen and begin writing the wrong story from the chapter they walked in.

Grip onto your pen and notepad tightly. Write your most incredible love story. Let it flow passionately out of you. Your story is your story, and never anyone else. ❤️

The Journey Within

The Journey Within

Creative Team:

Anita Quansah London Campaign, 2011

Styling & Art Direction @crystalderocheofficial

MUA: Nathalie Guest

Model: Zainab Balogun

Photographer: Ade Okelarin (Asiko Photography)

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