There's A Magical Message Beneath Our Mess


There is magic beneath your mess by Anita Quansah London

I saw this quote that resonates so much with my soul. It goes like this; "Creative people don't have a mess, they have ideas lying around everywhere.”

Omg, thank goodness that my mess transforms into my testimonial message of when passion meets perseverance.

Being creative is very messy. There are so many struggles that we face daily, and often these unforeseen trials which we face don't make any sense to us. We struggle to get our heads around them.

We dabble with the tempting decisions to pack it all up and go lust over another job that will put food on the table and pay our never-ending bills.

Then when we feel like giving up, it suddenly falls into place.

I have learned so much about life through the one to one time I spend with my work, reflecting while patiently learning.

It's not easy at times, honestly.

To anyone that thinks we wake up, and suddenly we wave a magic wand, and immediately we see results. It doesn't quite happen like that.

Every step is a thought process.

Each mistake can be costly.

The time we spend connecting and creating is such a precious moment that we will never get back, even if we are into the mass-production business, that's why it's essential to enjoy and embrace the gift of the moment.

That's why it's called "Present Day.”

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