Unexpected Miracles In The Moment

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Hello, beautiful people, how are you all doing today?

In the UK, we usually associate winter with icy cold weather. Usually over the Christmas holidays, we anticipate the all "White Christmas," but our quest and desires usually ends with great disappointment.

So, imagine the shock when I woke up on Sunday, morning to find my street covered with snow.

Oh, it was so lovely! I am so sure this beautiful, lovely surprise cheered up every soul on lockdown. 

Well, not everyday I get to do my meditational walk on ice, so I dressed up for the occasion, and took to the streets with my four legged furry body guard and walk buddy, Gizmo.

As we were walking and embracing the beautiful scenery, a herd of birds flew over us. I ran towards the direction of the birds, hoping to catch the birds. As ridiculous as it may sound, I did wish I could fly in that instant to catch the birds. But, I had to remind myself that somethings can never be caught, but experienced. By being fully present in the moment I get to embrace the importance of the pause and its significance.

This beautiful moment happened so fast, that the only way to capture it was in my imagination.

Unexpected Miracles In The Moment

Currently, I'm creatively capturing that beautiful experience by using my favorite mediums of free machine embroidery, applique and beadwork as a way of narrating my story. 

Unexpected Miracles In The Moment

Having researched the significance of birds flying in front of you, above you and around you, it appears that birds symbolise peace, transformation, freedom and power. And angels often appear to us in forms of birds.
The appearance of these birds at that moment could represent encouragement from the universe to take action towards some desires that we have. We need to be open and available to embrace and  receive the powerful message that the birds are trying to convey.

So, these flock of birds that flew over me could signify prosperity, progress, and abundance coming into my life. They confirm the success of current endeavours and current actions.

Unexpected Miracles In The MomentThe more I looked into this analysis and interpretation, I suddenly felt joy all over my body and soul, like a swirling light that lightened up my path. I couldn't resist but break out in my crazy dance, while screaming out aloud with excitement. I am open to receiving all the blessings from the above messengers with an open heart. 

I wonder if any of you has had such an encounter before? I would love to hear your beautiful stories. ❤️❤️

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