Custom Made Union Jack Embroidered, Applique, Multi-Beaded-Embellished, Birkenstock Amsterdam Narrow Fit Clogs
Anita Quansah London

Custom Made Union Jack Embroidered, Applique, Multi-Beaded-Embellished, Clogs by Anita Quansah London

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Clear off some space on your shoe rack, and make room for this one-of-a-kind, bold statement pair that is a great companion for your feet.

These Custom Union Jack Distressed Multi-Beaded-Embellished, Narrow Fit Birkenstock Clogs are handcrafted with sustainability and circularity in mind for anyone who wants the exclusivity of owning an original, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable and textile art.

This rare design of responsible, comfortable and sustainable luxury is handcrafted from an accumulation of mixed synthetic wool, recycled natural and human-made offcut textiles and rare finds such as glass beads, antiqued buttons, gold metal charm bells and hardware, union jack ribbons, recycled nylon and plastics phone charging cables. All as good as new. All of these have gone on a circular journey to get to me to disassemble the materials to aid product recyclability sustainably. All these materials are painted over, in some parts, pieced, layered and stitched, with a free motion machine, hand embroidery and applique to create a textural surface with embedded memories.

The charging cable used in this design is a reminder for you to relax and recharge yourself in a busy world that constantly has us on our feet.

This responsible way of creating this easy slip-on pair has resulted in high quality, low impact round toe embellished clogs with superb arch support microfibre footbed, cork mix, Eva outsole, aesthetically pleasing, functional and fashionable and has no detrimental effect on the environment.

Time is luxurious, so care, and attention was served to create an adventure filled with an overload of added value through upcycling and pleasure.

These Custom Made Narrow Fit Clogs are a perfect snuggly style companion. For a daring look, pair with chunky knitted or decorative socks with cosy laid-back casual ensembles or wear bare feet for that go-to look that will have your feet feeling warm and comfortable all day long.


  • UK 7.5, EU 41, US 10-10.5
  • Custom Made Union Jack Embroidered, Applique, Multi-Beaded-Embellished, Narrow Fit Clogs by Anita Quansah London
  • Slip-on design.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic synthetic felt Upper
  • Firm and contoured anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed.
  • This customised pair comes in a  Narrow fit considered wide fitting.
  • Eva cushioned sole
  • Microfiber footbed lining
  • Original Birkenstock made in Germany
  • One of a kind
  • These sandals will be shipped out with a patchwork drawstring bag made from upcycled textile leftovers and offcuts and an elegant shoebox. Perfect for carrying and stowing away your pair.
  • These pair are very delicate and should be looked after with love. They are not made for rain or water, so keep them dry and enjoy them longer.
  • Ships in 3-5 days
  • Free domestic shipping.
  • It is customised and handmade with love in the UK by Anita.


Because the Birkenstock sandals are manufactured in Europe, the original sizing is always European and bears no relation to the UK or US size. So when placing your order, refer to the Birkenstock EU size ( Please see the shoe chart) to determine your Birkenstock sandal size so you don't run the risk of ordering the wrong size.

The Birkenstock sandals come in two widths, Narrow and Regular. The Narrow is considered a Standard Fit, great for petit feet, while the Regular equates to a Wide fitting.


Anita Quansah is a creative artist and designer who is inspired by art, culture and sustainable luxury. Anita loves taking everyday monotonous items, giving them a new breath of life, and fusing earth-friendly materials with upcycled textiles to create a sustainable luxurious experience with added value and enjoyment.

Anita is not officially affiliated with Birkenstock or the designer brands that she customises. All the Birkenstocks sandals used for the custom designs are 100% authentic.




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