Idia Colourful Multi-Beaded Swarovski Crystal and Gemstone Embellished Fringe Headpiece with Detachable Pendants
Anita Quansah London

Idia Colourful Multi-Beaded Swarovski Crystal and Gemstone Embellished Fringe Headpiece with Detachable Pendants

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Idia is an impressive, breathtaking multifunctional piece of wearable art that exudes power, dominance, regal characteristics and majestic grandeur.

Inspired by and named after one of the female leaders in African history, Idia is Benin's first queen mother. Together with her son, Esigie, she ultimately reestablished the unity and military strength of the Benin kingdom. Her wielded mystical powers and medicinal knowledge were instrumental to the protection and well-being of the oba (king) and, by extension, the kingdom.

This design intends to approach it with respect and love for my African traditional heritage and craftsmanship. I wanted to design an extraordinary masterpiece that the wearer can enjoy for instant communication, fun and celebration.

While I didn't have preliminary sketches during the creative stage, I designed this statement piece intuitively, working from my research on the Benin people's cultural history in my mind. Comfort and functionality are crucial, so every detail served a meaningful purpose, which led to a stunning outcome derived from a place of passion, love and joy.

Idia is an authentic collector piece fit for any beautiful soul who loves art, enjoys world cultures and high octane accessories. This exceptional quality piece has numerous aspects and functions.

I have lavishly decorated this piece with opulent details, beautifully coupled with clusters of rare glass beads that I have sourced from my travels. I then fused these with various Swarovski crystals, multiple sized and coloured gemstones such as agate, yellow opal, amazonite, amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli, citrine, red jasper, jade and chalcedony gemstones. These stones aren't just for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, they are used within this headpiece for protection aswell as for beauty.

I have fused mother of pearl charms within this design, gold-tone brass leaf pendants, face pendants, gold-tone brass charm bells, and chains. And wooden beads, antique sterling silver Berber amulets from Northern Morroco, refashioned Indian embroidered textiles, shells, and stones I picked up from my travels while at the Red Sea in Egypt.

All these components cascade down in articulated dramatic tiered patterns that form opulent pendants suspended on glistening multi-Swarovski crystals, white turquoise and gold-tone brass-embellished green velvet headband that is feminine and glamourous at the same time.

To finish off this headpiece, I have also incorporated gold-tone brass chains with lobster clasp fastening, which the wearer can use to fasten and adjust the headpiece around their head or neck to their preferred fit.

This exceptional, one of a kind design can become tomorrow's heirloom if cared for with love. 

This intricate craftsmanship took a lot of time to create and involved many labour-intensive processes—actual labour of love which was a delight to hand-create. 

I wonder how you would style the Idia headpiece/neckpiece! No matter what, it will uplift any look and grab attention wherever you go. When not in use, you can frame this unique piece as wall art for your home.


  • One of a kind
  • The length of each pendant is 49cm/19.29."
  • Idia comes in a special tie-fastening wax print pouch and Jewellery box.
  • Handmade with love in the UK
  • Ships in 1-5 days
  • Free Domestic & International Shipping


  • Keep the prying eyes of MR DUST away from your precious treasure, and enjoy your art longer by storing it out in the pouch and jewellery box.
  • It's so easy to clean. Lovingly wipe with a clean jewellery cloth.
  • Worried about all that sparkles, glitters and comes in robust brass forms? Don't panic! I've taken care of that for you, so you don't have to worry about your jewel losing its dull and looking ancient. Just show love from your end, and you'll have a long-lasting relationship.
  • Before I let you go, your jewellery has a friend in me. If it needs to visit me anytime soon, I hope that won't be the case; I'm on standby to welcome her anytime, freshen her up and send her back to you. Don't worry, and I foot the bill.

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