Feeling The Inner Spirit


Currently, I'm reading this incredible book by Chester Higgins Jnr called “FEELING THE SPIRIT, searching the World for the People of Africa”.

I would highly recommend this awesome book to anyone interested in Africa studies, African traditions, and spirituality.

In this book, esteemed photojournalist Chester Higgins Jr, tells the story of the people by capturing images of men and women of African descendants  throughout the world.

While reading the “Rites” section in the book, I was mesmerised by this powerful image taken in Ghana, in 1975.

This photo was taken during the parade of young virgins-a puberty right held annually in Koforidua.
This ceremony takes place on the last day of the Drobo festival in Ghana.

The human body for me is a sacred art to treasure. We modify and change it as a way of expressing ourselves.

When I stumbled across this page in the book, it sparked up so much joy in my spirit, that I had to drape the newly finished piece that I've been working on against the beautiful dark skin.

We must never forget to celebrate the incredible inner and external beauty that we all possess.

Have a wonderful day and week everyone.❤️

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