My Africa Adorned

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My Africa Adorned

Each African culture has its style that is unique to each tribe.Body adornment is used as a mode of communication.

This stunning image by @ericlafforgue and @steph.ledoux of a Rendille woman of northern Kenya wearing the Doko indicates that the woman's eldest child is a boy.
The woman wears her hair in a coxcomb made from mud, animal fat and ochre.

This permanent fixture will be repaired constantly until a male relative passes, and the hair will be shaved off.

The necklace called Mporo Engorio is made of doum plan fibres, bound together in strips of ochre cloth, which are also women by the Samburu women. These necklaces are received at marriage.

I am thrilled to discover these unique and interesting facts that make my Africa and its cultures so great and powerful. There's so much to learn when we are open to embracing cultures other than our own. 

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