Art Enables Us To Find Ourselves

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Art enables us to find ourselves

Good Morning, beautiful people.

There's a favourite citation by Thomas Merton that grapples my attention each time and make me pause for a second. It goes like this "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

I conquer with this powerful statement. When you create, you lose yourself and travel afar to places that stimulate your creative thoughts and Inspire your process.

I remember the very first time I started designing the Leire necklace. It started with a bead, which I steered at for a while, thinking of ways to best execute and make most of this bead.

Art Enables Us To Find  Ourselves

As time progressed, what started small, grew into what I call branches, then eventually forming a design that is deep-rooted in its journey of transformation. Of course, with every process come time, patience and endurance. As I celebrate Leire with you, I also want to reminisce on creativity's joy to my soul.

I wish you all the most fantastic day.♥️

If you are curious to familiarise yourself with Leire, it's available on my website.

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