Warm yourself on full blast

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Warm yourself on full blast

We have all been in love, then out of love, repeat, right. But, Love is the most extensively exhilarating experience you'll ever experience if you love yourself right.

When you dare to allow love to live and flow within you, everything you touch and feel becomes a physical reflection of the pleasure you take in owning and celebrating who you are.

Love yourself. ❤️ it's on repeat each time. It rolls out of the tongue like fine wine.

But, honestly, Do not be ashamed into denying who you are to keep others warm.

Warm yourself on full blast; when you feel fantastic, I mean fabulous within, both mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, then you can love your neighbours Just as much as you have equally loved yourself.

I'm sitting here pencilling my thoughts in my journal, but I felt like sharing this one with someone because I, too, need reminding all of the time.

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