Purpose! What purpose?

How do you define purpose by Anita Quansah London

Are you still questioning whether you have a purpose?
Can you please do me massive favour?

Please Step in front of the mirror, look at yourself, your purpose chose you and gave birth to you. Not your mother or father.

Before you were conceived, purpose hand-picked you and trusted you to carry out this life-changing task that's within you.
It didn't give up on you, even when you have steered away because of your weariness and fear.

Your purpose was keeping you alive day by day, giving you chance upon chances to recognise your brilliance.

You are alive, right?
You can feel every part of you, right?
Okay, that purpose is blessing you with another opportunity to tune in and recognise.

Don't question whether you are up to the task. You are the task, and you have an extra life long battery to keep you charged up when you stumble. Just insert the key into the ignition, and enjoy the ride of your life while attracting the souls that have been sent to you to serve with your purpose.
-Anita Quansah

📸 The captivating image of a Dinka, mother and child, Sudan by Angela Fisher, Africa Adorned, 1984.

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