The Pursuit Of Personal Legends.


The Pursuit Of Personal Legends.

"What you still need to know is this: before a dream is realised, the Soul of the world tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream. That’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one ‘dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.”

“Every search begins with beginner’s luck. And every search ends with the victor’s being severely tested.”

One of many excerpts from my favourite books of all time the  Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The above statement by the alchemists to Santiago implies that the essential part of seeking one’s greatness or personal Legend, as the novel suggests, consists not of us humans reaching the final goal, whether it is turning our little into much or finding that treasure that we've been seeking for so long. He reminds Santiago, which we can all place ourselves into, that the most critical life lessons are derived through actions and the experiences that mould us into better powerful beings during our pursuit of happiness.

Some people search for gold, and their focus is only gold, but deny themselves the opportunity to learn along the search losing the focus on living out their Personal Legends.

I would highly recommend this incredible book looking to find meaning for their life and personal growth and their legend.


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