Don't Stare Remain Curious Reusable Washable Embroidered Patchwork Face Mask with Pink Lips
Anita Quansah London

Don't Stare Remain Curious Reusable Washable Embroidered Patchwork Face Mask with Pink Lips

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This unusual cloth facemask is utterly spellbinding and whimsical in design. Enriched by a distinctive combination of drama and allurement, the more you look at this reusable, washable facemask, the more you will discover.

This impressive, abstract safety wear is cleverly handcrafted from carefully sourced materials which I have refashioned with upcycled antiqued textiles and fabric leftovers. To create an aged distressed patchwork design, I have intricately embellished and stitched together these materials with free-motion machine embroidery, hand embroidery stitchings and applique textile technique to elevate the boldness and coolness of this piece of textile art.

Shell buttons, gold glass beads, brass metal washer hardware topped off with a bright pink lip on the facemask's front adds to this design's uniqueness and character.

This mask is lined with a velvet material so that it won't cause any irritation, making it very breathable and comfortable to wear.

This mask is not N95, or FDA rated; it is designed explicitly as preventative safety wear to shield your face, mouth, and nose. The wearing of a face mask such as this could still reduce the transmissibility of viral particles by a small but significant amount, enough to make a difference to you and others.

This endlessly versatile face covering will add an elegant, dramatic feel to any look.

  • Size: Large.
  • One of a kind
  • Mixed textiles used on the outer fabric topped off with embellishment; lined with 100% cotton velvet.
  • This facemask can be adjusted behind the ears with soft adjustable elastic earloops with a stopper.
  • This cloth facemask comes with a patchwork drawstring bag made from upcycled textile leftovers and offcuts. Perfect for carrying your facemask around.
  • Zero-waste.
  • All sales are final. I accept no returns or exchanges.
  • Please note each mask is handmade in my studio, in the UK, with safety and care in mind.
  • Hang to dry. For the velvet lining, I will advise you not to iron on the face. Instead, hold the steam iron about an inch above the face mask and let the steam get the wrinkles out.
  • Orders are dispatched between 3-5 days from the purchase date.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this mask will help fund an Orphanage and Home for the Less Privileged so dear to my heart in Anambra State, Nigeria.




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