Limited Edition Remi Print Beaded Face Mask
Anita Quansah London

Limited Edition Remi Print Beaded Face Mask

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Be fashionable and safe in this washable, reusable, limited edition one-of-a-kind face mask made from prints of my necklaces from past collections, which have been intricately hand-beaded to bring out the exquisite detailing on this print.

This washable, and reusable face mask is made from 220gm a high-quality crease-resistant fabric polyester. This strong, weatherproof fabric with a slight stretch to it,   is fully breathable. This outer layer is then lined with two layers of 100% cotton fabric, so it won’t cause any irritation, it also features paracord ties which can be tied and tightened to your preferred fit

This mask is not N95 or FDA rated, it is specifically designed as preventative safety wear to shield your face, mouth, and nose. The wearing of a face mask such as this could still reduce the transmissibility of viral particles by a small but significant amount, enough to make a difference to you and others.

  • Size: Large
  • All sales are final. I accept no returns or exchanges.
  • Please note each mask is handmade in my studio, in the UK, with safety and care in mind.
  • Comes in a dust bag made entirely from repurposed fabric.
  • Orders are dispatched between 3-5 days from purchase date.


  • Please wash your face mask and the dust bag before use.

  • The recommended way to wash the beaded face mask is by hand.

  • Using warm water, not too hot otherwise it will ruin the finish on the beads and the print, and a small amount of mild liquid detergent or washing powder gently knead and swirl the face mask inside the soapy warm water.

  • Remember, gently wash not harsh wash, otherwise, you will loosen the beads and it will lose its sparkle.

  • Do not soak the face mask more than a few minutes, again you don’t want to ruin the finishing on the mask.

  • When clean, gently press down on the face mask with your hands to get rid of the excess water.

  • No wringing or twisting.


  • Dry the face mask on an air-drier or flat against a clean surface if you prefer. Away from a heated surface.


  • Please be mindful and careful when ironing the embellished face mask. Never iron on the beaded or printed area. Use a press cloth, a clean cotton cloth, or a pillowcase put this in between the iron and the reverse side of the face mask which is the lining, making sure you have the appropriate setting for delicate, not too hot.

  • Proceed to iron the mask as carefully as you can. For the edges of the face mask, carefully on the reverse side, iron around the corners to eliminate any puckering.


  • Properly storing the mask when not in use is important as the washing stage.

  • Fold your clean mask and store away in the dust bag that the mask comes in.

  • I want you to stay fashionably safe while keeping your mask in a very good condition for a longer period. LET’S STAY SAFE TOGETHER.

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