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Amadin Multi-Beaded Embellished Face Mask With Cowrie Shells

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Usually, when speaking about masks, we think of the wooden sculptural artefacts. The Africans consider a 'mask' to be a complete outfit. 

Since wearing a face mask is our new normal, I wanted to design a powerful, one of a kind, productive piece of wearable art that has its practical uses, but expresses and evokes a powerful artistic emotion that is realised to the maximum. This face mask enables the wearer to transform and disguise themselves while still protecting and purifying themselves, but still connecting with African life and artistry's fundamental elements.

Amadin, a Benin name meaning brave enough is a befitting name that I feel best describes this powerful, bold representation. This unique face art is not for the faint-hearted, and it is not your everyday face mask. I have designed this mask for the art and culture enthusiasts. Who appreciates the beauty in African art, and collects awe-inspiring, time-honoured, original, creative,  one of a kind luxurious pieces like no other, that is crafted with attention to details and craftsmanship in mind.

To make a piece of luxurious face art that combines a unique flair for the culture and arts, I have fused varied colour variations with dazzling surfaces of beads, cowrie shells, textiles, brass components and other materials, together with refashioned denim jeans to create striking ornate, appliqued textures and patterns. 

I have mindfully and purposefully assembled to create a piece that embodies that of a permanent skin scarification etchings and branding found many masks, artefacts, and on the skins of the many African people. Whose cultures adopted these traditional practices, as a way of expressing their beauties and cultural beliefs.

This mask is handmade with multiple denim layers which form part of the textile design detailing, which I have then lined with soft green cotton velvet to add to the grandeur appeal.

To finish off this face mask, I have also incorporated coral coloured acrylic horn beads to the ends of the para-cord ties, which can be tied, adjusted around the head, and neck to the wearers preferred fit.

This mask is not N95, or FDA certified. It is designed as preventative safety wear to shield your face, mouth, and nose. The wearing of a face mask such as this could still reduce the transmissibility of viral particles by a small but significant amount, enough to make a difference to you and others.

When not in use, the Amadin face mask can be framed and exhibited as wall art for the home or office.

  • Size: Large
  • All sales are final. I accept no returns or exchanges.
  • Please note each mask is handmade in my studio, in the UK, with safety and care in mind.
  • Hang to dry, and iron at the back with a clean cloth over the face mask at the correct temperature.
  • When not in use, pop the cleaned mask inside the pouch and the box which accompanies the face mask.
  • Orders are dispatched between 3-5 days from purchase date.

A portion of the proceeds from this mask's sale will help fund a charity so dear to my heart in Nigeria.

Let’s continue to respect what's right for ourselves and others by staying safe.

Much Love


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