Age Gracefully With Style

Age graceful with style

Age, Age, Age. 

We worry so much about it.

We wish and want time to stand still.

We wish every wrinkle away, by using magic creams and potions.

We let magazines, social media make us question our beauty, our age, our bodies, our skin colour and so on.

The secret to ageing well is not to think about it. 

Not to worry about it.

Not to stress about it.

Let nature do it's thing. 

We worry over things we can't control, and we frustrate ourselves because we expect so much from ourselves, from our body, mind and soul.

Happiness and peace of mind is the best anti-ageing cream.

I'm not saying we can avoid certain things that happen to us. But when it happens, it's our reaction to that very thing(s) is what we need to take care of.

Our reactions can rob us of our happiness and peace of mind.

Our reaction can keep us locked up forever to that ordeal.

Our reaction can age us because we stress and worry.

Whatever is going to happen will happen. It's very painful I know. 

However, the choice lies with us.

We can choose to be happy on purpose or choose to be sad on purpose.

I am going to enjoy every step of getting older. I can't rewind, I can only look forward. 

I came across this stunning image of a beautiful Queen, rocking her locs in style on Pinterest. 

Her smile made me smile. She's incredibly contagious.

Her vivacious personality can be seen in her style.

Let's promise to love ourselves, regardless of our life's challenges.

We’re all on temporary loan to the world, let's make each second, as memorable and happy as possible.






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