Appreciate Yourself!

Appreciate Yourself!

With the New Year 2021 upon us, do not look beyond this very present moment.

Use this present moment to be compassionate and kind to yourself and others.

You have done amazingly well this year.

Unpack all the excess baggage that has been weighing you down.

Feel all that needs to be felt and release it.

Forgive yourself for the decisions that you have made that has cost you your happiness.

Let go of the thought that you are not good enough because you are more than enough.

Embrace the eternal love that is within you.

The greatest love that you have is YOU. So take care of your first love. When you are in love with yourself, you are a better lover to others.

When you are at peace within yourself, you will be at peace with others.

Free yourself from the entanglements and hefty expectations that you have placed on yourself.




 It's quite all right if you have not fulfilled all the endless tasks and goals, that you have set for yourself this year.

Staying sane and taking care of your mental health in these unprecedented, challenging times, and finding hope in the times that seem hopeless, is the greatest achievement ever.

Be proud of yourself ❤️

Happy New Year's Eve!

May this coming year bring hope, joy, happiness, peace, love and great health for you and your loved ones. ❤️


Chief Content & Creative Officer: Moana Luu @moanaluu

Cover Star: Halima Aden @halima

Photographer: JD Barnes @jdthecombo

Writer: Jeannine Amber @jamberstar

Stylist/Fashion Director: Marielle Bobo @mariellebobo

Global Beauty Director: Julee Wilson @missjulee

Makeup: Jessica Smalls @jessicasmalls

Manicure: Sunshine Outing @pipbuzzz

Creative Director: Nia Lawrence @mochamommy_nyc

Production: Natalie Gialluca @nataliegialluca

Set Design: Penelope Bouklas @propsbypenelope

Entertainment & Talent Director: Cori Murray @corimurray

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