Check your heart, before you wreck your life.

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The thing with people searching for their other half is that they forget that they are not a half, they are wholesome.

If you fill the need to search for your missing half, may I honestly advise you to first declutter yourself in order to make room to find yourself?

Quit looking for the other half to complete you, because they can not. 

They are their own entity.

They are their own being.

Their own self. 

Born and created for a sole mission and purpose. 

Quit putting pressure on a wholesome wanderer to commit to the love they don't understand. If they didn't emotionally see and choose you, they can't commit to you.

Every living human is on a mission to loving themselves, believe me, it's not easy, so someone giving you their patchy heart and patchy self is multitasking, and we both know that many people can not deal with the heat that comes with the fire.

So, stop breaking your own heart because they can't fix it for you.

Complete and check yourself. 

Know this, not everyone deserves you. I know it's a bitter truth, but some love is not worth attracting even if it comes looking like the most gorgeous king or Queen on the planet.

You can share your heart, without losing pieces of it to someone.

Check your heart before you wreck your life.

-Anita Quansah

It's a public holiday in the UK, the weather is glorious and the heavens are shining their love and blessings through every ray of sunshine 🌞🌞

Whatever you do today, make sure you make yourself a priority. ❤️❤️

📸 I love this powerful image by @harisnukem featuring @elllaivanova 

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