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Petra Earrings By Anita Quansah London
Behind every tough facade and fleshy body lies the core of many possibilities, which requires an extensive peeling and discarding of so many rottenness that deprives us all of enjoying the fruits which are within us.

Many of us are trying to enjoy each fruit we have cultivated, but at the same time, we are tucking away into the rottenness within our fruits.

Digesting the goodness and the rottenness and making ourselves sick, and we question; "Why am I feeling like this? I don't feel good.”

Precious one, you are feeling this way because there are some things you cannot devour at the same time.

I know when we were children, we were told to finish our food and not to waste. 

But, they are certain life foods which are not tolerable and ingestible; (hate, anger, insecurities, bitterness, fear, doubt, jealousy, and so on), and because the core of our inner beings cannot handle the complexities which are the result of the process of consumption.

Anything we consume becomes the energy we need to grow and progress in life.

Just like our mouths starts by breaking up the food with our teeth and starting the digestion of sugars with chemicals called enzymes, our tongue pushes the food to the back of the mouth where it is then swallowed and travels down the oesophagus to the stomach.

The Oesophagus does not digest the food, but it does the most critical job of pushing the food down into the stomach as well as keeping it from coming back up into the mouth.

May I ask; "Whats travelling down your oesophagus that is making you bloated?

That is making you doubt your self-worth and sacrifice your confidence?

That is causing you to lose hope in yourself and others?

That is decapitating your ideas; your beliefs about life and it's many possibilities?

That is moulding you into an unrecognised sculpture of you?”

It's time to start the excretion process. Begin to detox yourself from all that is not good for you. You cannot want good in your life, at the same time you are too busy consuming all the bad things that are going to cause you to vomit all the goodness that is meant for you and your life.

I know the detox season is uncomfortable, complicated and painful for many, but in return, you will feel the incredible energy that will impact all the unreachable integral parts of your bodies.

So think before you consume even when life is hard, and the challenges are too much to bear.

Do not be like the foolish ones that consume hurriedly and worry later, because this will lead to your disastrous downfall which will spiral into an unhappy version of you.

Celebrate the personalities that you possess such as kindness, love, generosity, faith, hope, joy, gratitude.
When you consume and maintain these impressive qualities, you will relax and not fear of tomorrow.

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