Cultivating Habits


Cultivating Habits by Anita Quansah London
I want to tell you a brief story about a perennial evergreen plant known as the "Chinese Bamboo."
It goes like this.
The Chinese bamboo is a tough plant that grows underground unnoticed.
While this plant is growing underground, years will pass by, no visible sign of sprouting, even after daily watering, protection, care and feeding.
Cultivating Habits by Anita Quansah London
Imagine; "How the farmer of the bamboo plant will be feeling at this moment?
The farmer probably feels discouraged and defeated.
Thinking, OMG! why is this plant not growing after all the years of dedication, time, care and attention?"
Cultivating Habits by Anita Quansah London
Anyways imagine, as years went by, the bamboo plant before its reveal date is growing strong underground, maximising its territory and developing a steady foundation to support its mighty presence.
This tree would not have survived if it wasn't nurtured and loved on a daily basis. It would have withered away, lost its "Mojo" as they say.
The daily feeding, sunshine and patience, helped in the structuring of the firm foundation of the bamboo plant.
Cultivating Habits By Anita Quansah London
Finally! When the appointed season for the bamboo tree to grow, which is 5 years, this tree grows over 80ft in 6 weeks. Imagine that! 
Cultivating Habits By Anita Quansah London
This analogy applies to life and people. 
When you are sowing a seed of dreams, it takes time before it comes to fruition.
People who patiently work towards their visions, building strong characters, while overcoming many challenges and adversities usually value success greatly, then some people who didn't work hard in attaining their vision.
The thing with success is this; "The habits which no one sees builds the ideas people applaud."
Cultivating Habits By Anita Quansah London
Just like the story of the  Chinese bamboo, it's the daily sacrifices, dedication, learning, persevering with all your might and strength and a great strategy that creates success. 
You can't plant a vision and expect an instant result. Impossible! 
I love how Mr F.M Alexander puts it; "People don't decide their futures, they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures."
Any vision, dream, purpose, or greatness is possible once you have the right attitude. 
Change the pace you're going on when planting your seed. Change the habits that are limiting your growth.
Your pace might be different to that of others. That's okay!
Focus on yourself. Stay in your lane! Quit looking left and right, comparing yourself with others.
Keep working hard at your vision, even when you see no visible results yet.
Remember! Everyone is on their journey.
Their route to success is different from your path to success.
So; stop putting unnecessary expectations on yourself. Keep sowing, very soon your vision plant will blossom to its full glory. 
Cultivating Habits By Anita Quansah London
Image courtesy of Laurence Boccolini.
The beautiful French Author, Comedian, TV & radio host Laurence Ms Laurence Boccolini adorned in her Priya feather neck-piece.

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