Don't ever use lose yourself.

Don't ever use lose yourself

Live an unhurried life. You live much longer if you are not in a hurry.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Catch the eye, make your presence felt, start-up beautiful conversations and find out what you love to do, and do more of those things.

Find flow in everything you do. More importantly, relax in the process.

Embrace the Gods within and feel the presence of their divine love.

You deny anything by taking their attention away from it.

So, never deny yourself from being happy.

Never deny yourself of the love you constantly give to others.

Remember you were you before you were anyone else’s.

So today, do what brings you closer to the love you have for yourself. Go on a romantic getaway in solace with your inner consciousness.

Feel free to flow within the uncontrolled love. The thing to be resurrected in you is that which you desire to be.

To achieve this, you must feel yourself to be the thing to be desired.

If you desire love, love yourself. Your awareness of being is the power that resurrects and brings life to that awareness which you desire to be.

Your resurrected consciousness is the sun of your life. So let yourself shine so brightly today and always.

Have a beautiful, love-filled day everyone. ❤️❤️

📸I absolutely can’t help but look at this beautiful Queen. I look at the depth and magic in her eyes, and I tear up. She’s like Monalisa to me. I somehow feel related to her expressions and emotions. The photographer Yong N Yong Hairul Azizi Harun

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