Ignorance Is The Root Of All Evil

Ignorance is the root of evil

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela.


I absolutely concur with this incredible citation by the great Madiba.

Beautiful citizens of this incredible world, its time to stop and listen!

It does not take the loss of life to start showing interest in races other than your own.

It's time to wake up and see the atrocities we humans have been doing to other humans for decades.

If you have not made it your mission to enlighten your children and your loved ones, about the many cultures around the world, and the many cultural kinds of pieces of literature told by these cultures, retelling the beauty of their stories, in their own voice and perspectives, well is never too late start.

Start now!

For centuries, many inauthentic, inaccurate histories have been told, with torn out pages, written from the one-sided, naive voice to suit a particular genre or audience.

If you are expecting the schools and teachers to teach these cultures to your children, think again.

Not all teachers who have degrees, which surpasses thermometers, are eloquent enough to educate your children or speak about a particular culture.

Because some of these teachers have inadequate awareness and have done one-sided research, our children are brainwashed, and many of them lack morals and understanding that comes with respecting people and their cultures.

Hence cultural appropriations, colourism, race, gender and sexual discrimination.

I cannot tell you how to live your life, Please instead of having in-educative movie nights with your loved ones, create cherish-able memories filled with learning, watching educative documentaries, reading books, to gain great knowledge and insights that will change and better yourself, your loved one and the world.

We live in a world where ignorance is breeding ignorance.

Hatefulness is killing many people.

Fools are choosing to remain fools because of their supreme authority and dominance.

It’s time to stop turning your backs on certain subjects that is too controversial and uncomfortable to talk about.

Yes, humans have done despicable, atrocious, inexcusable and wicked acts to humanity across the world.

We cannot choose and pick which chapters in history books we want to read.

Please, read from the first chapter to the end of the chapters to broaden your knowledge.

Just because you are done with schooling does not affirm that you are done with education.

You are a citizen of the world.

Is your responsibility to wake up and do your job as a good citizen.

Communicate, ask questions however uncomfortable they are, speak the truth, be open-minded, and be patient to engage respectfully in knowing one another.

It’s in your hands to make a change you want to see in the world. 🙏🏽


I absolutely love this incredible image from a collection of delightful series of photography titled; "Warrior Spirit, Warrior  Mind,” courtesy of @allthingsankara

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