Too Much Expectation Leads To Frustration

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Too Much Expectation leads To Frustration Relationship Blog By Anita Quansah London

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Sometimes people who we care about can't be there for us, simply because they are not there for themselves.
Isn't that the truth?
We go through life expecting, demanding, needing and wanting from people who cannot give us what we want. Not because they don't love or care for us, it's merely because they can't provide or offer something they don't have.
We can't go to someone who doesn't love themselves and expect them to love us.
We can't go to a hurtful person and expect them to give us peace. We all know that some harmful people, hurt people.
We can expect someone who can't care for themselves to care for us.
We can expect respect from someone ignorant and rude.
We can't expect commitment from a wanderer seeking to find themselves.
Our unattainable demands are making us so frustrated.
So let's quit expecting so much and focus on doing what we can to save ourselves.
Everyone in this world is on a self-discovery journey, saving themselves time after time.
Find yourself and then encourage someone who is struggling by being a support system if they need you.
Don't force love, don't beg for love, and don't abuse love.
If the door needs to close, let it, release it, make peace with it, and thank the experience, because you have learnt a few things or two to add to your collective experiences.
-Anita Quansah

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