What is the price of your peace?


What is the price of your peace?

This beautiful picture of Youssouf Sanogo, cradled by his mother, Hawa Diawara, Photographed by Ilvy Njiokiktjien/VII Photo Agency/Unicef, featured in the Guardian,  warmed my heart.

When I saw this beautiful, special child, this quote by r.h. Sin came to my mind.

"She's fixing herself for herself, don't distract her.”

The world is heavy right now.

There are so much pain and discomfort.

I have sat in darkness and cried, looking for answers, yet, I find myself murmuring prayers to God who I cannot see, but feel in every way.

Demons danced boldly beside me, tempting my faith and believes.

Enticing me to deviate from my moral obligations as a human on a complicated journey called life.

You see, life will steal your peace and make you question why you gave it away?

Many are having a tough time trying to fix themselves peacefully in a chaotic world that profits from mental health and insecurities.

So, when I see this beautiful premature angel weighing at 3.3kg resting peacefully in the hands of his momma, it reminds me of the peace we all long for.

While I gazed at this photograph, through the eyes of an adult, I could not help but see my baby self again.

Wishing and longing for escapism, from the many people in the world, who have been devoured by selfishness and arrogance.

At some point, believe it or not, our peace didn't have a price tag.

Then the pressures of becoming bartered our peace for wanting, needing, and expecting at a price many cannot disclose.

The peace which is a beautiful free gift to all humans has become a rare luxury that many humans will trade anything to have.

It's now a choice.

It's now a decision away from happiness and contentment.

Peace has become a source of wealth controlled by oppressors, who are enriched by the sufferings and pains of others.

The world needs peace.

Mother Nature is crying out loud for peace.

Peace and love are my daily prayer for all. ❤️

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