You Path is Different


You Path is Different

I’m my downtime moments, I like to sit back and reflect on the journey so far. Every next step begins with an act of gratitude to the giver of ideas, Chukwu Okike, Chukwu Obiama, Chikeluuwa

I often say I’m a servant to ideas and many people have asked why I make such statements.

You see, we each carry various guides with us that is assigned to us when we are born. Each guides unknown to us, nurture our paths and help direct us in our various paths of our calling.

I have said that I can never do anything else other than the path that my destiny has aligned for me.
When I divert from that, I’m summoned to order to remain obedient to my calling.
By being a servant, I remain at a place of surrender where I allow myself to be creatively used. This comes with humility and obedience, when in that state of being, you allow yourself to be consumed by your natural instincts , call it spirit, call it aura, call it your chi, call it your Agwu, call it your guardian angels, call it your ancestors or divinity.

Sometimes in that state of being, many may not understand you, this is because everyone’s guides are different. Many might even misjudge you or box you as crazy. I say what I say because I have come to accept that I might be misunderstood, and my interpretation is different to the norm, but know that you will be misunderstood when you go a different path that is different. But remain true to your calling and you will never be at a loss to your soul, because it has remained with you, guided you from birth and nurtures you.

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