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Today, Sunday, Eke Day is a holy day. It is one of the four sacred days in Igbo cosmology symbolizing the Sun “Anyanwu" the undying eye of God, Anwuanwu, the deathless, who gives light to darkness, and all the other three elements, water known as Orie, the earth “Afo” and air “Nkwo”
Eke the Fire element is said in Igbo cosmology to represent The day of creation, the day Chi-na-eke, God, and Sun came together to create human beings Known as Mma-Ndu meaning the beauty of life, out of the elements of the Earth known as Ani, Ana. 
Chinaeke upon creating human beings gave them the spirit of fire which is your sight, your vision, your spiritual eye, which lightens your path,  hence when one is experiencing spiritual awakening,  it is referred to as enlightenment.
Anya means Eye in Igbo and Anwu means the light, also the sun, when put together it means “Anyanwu” referring to the ”eye of light” or “the eye of the sun” 
The fire represents passion, compulsions, zeal, creativity, and motivation forging the great power which determines the will and the determination to create these pair that I celebrate today on Eke Day.

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