Upcycling Denim Jeans Jewellery Workshop

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Upcycling Denim Jeans Jewellery Workshop

Happiness derived creating from a place of love never decreases by being shared. 

I enjoy teaching and enjoy exploring and sharing the skills I have put into practice daily.
In one of my one-to-one sessions, a question was put to me about a group in-person and virtual session.
I'm thinking of running 5 person group virtual upcycling denim jeans jewellery workshop.
If you are interested in this group session with me, you can kindly send me an email to express your interest. I'm thinking the workshop will be held online in September, I will send you some materials to be used as part of the workshop. Of course, you can bring along any materials or treasures you want to incorporate into your unique piece.
From the success of the workshop, the 5 persons will further go on various creative journeys with me.  We will meet up monthly to learn, share ideas and be beautiful soulful accountable partners to one another to courageously plunge into our creative gifts or passions. 
The first five people who show interest will be contacted by me. 
This workshop is worldwide and not applicable only to the UK.
Push the contact us button for all queries regarding the workshop.
I look forward to going on this incredible creative journey with you. 🧵🪡❤️

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