There is light at the end of this unprecedented journey


There is light at the end of this unprecedented journey

Sometimes in the wind of change we find our true direction.

This is what’s happening around the world as I share this post.

This is some people’s new normal.

Unpredictable Change.

Emergency change.

I welcome change, and I adapt to change. Change is good right?

Although sometimes it comes wrapped in the stinkiest of paper. As we unwrap each layer, it becomes very painful and unbearable to endure.

I’ve come to know that some feelings you cannot suppress.

If you need to mourn certain changes in your life, please take your time and do so.

There’s a lot of hurt people around the world, going round hurting people.

Take time to heal, to adapt to your new normal and welcome the beautiful outcomes that this beautiful beginning will bring you.

I know this is the 1st of April, and what’s happening seems like April fools joke, but reality has come to a full blow for a lot of people.

Many Families and business owners, who have been severely hit by the unprecedented times we are all facing will have to pay huge bills that they cannot Afford.

Bills need to be paid.

Mortgages and rents have to be paid.

As we watch the direct debits gradually leave our bank accounts, we  can’t help but reach out for the calculator to sum up our in-comings  and outgoings. While calculating, all anxiously praying and hoping for a better tomorrow.

How are we going to make the money for the next lots of bills, many will ask?

It’s worrying times for sure.

As for me and my household, we cannot control what’s happening. But we remain hopeful, prayerful and supportive to many as we can, by being ourselves and still find reasons to smile and be joyful.

I still have to get up everyday positive and strong for my daughter, who’s looking up to me as her superhero.

We have life right? I tell her. "Zizi, This season like nature will soon pass.”

She looks at me and smiles, and says; "I know mummy.” “Will things return to normal again?”

That is up-to each individual to decide I replied.

Stay safe everyone. Stay indoors and stay positive. 

Much love.


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